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BMT and Neurons
Posted on: April 4, 2003

New discoveries in stem cell technology are highly promising to treat lots of diseases of different cause. Eva Merey et al. in their recent study revealed that transplanted bone marrow (BMT) generates new neurons in recipients. They have tested four patients, females, of different age, who received BMT, for the presence of Y chromosome positive cells in their brain. It was found that most of Y positive cells found in brain were non neuronal (this is usual). Nevertheless some of them were donor-derived neurons (7 in 10000 in the youngest and the longest survived patient). In conclusion this group of scientists resumed that 1 every 2000-4000 neurons might derived from the BMT. Such results are promising not only for neurodegenerative disease patients.

It is known that different stem cells have the ability to engraft all kind of tissue, what has already been shown on rodents (after BMT in rodents you have 50 engrafted cells per 10000 rodent neurons).

Using stem cells we can renovate any kind of worn out tissue, as seen here- brain too could be influenced as this is very important. In such a way, making tissues and organism, as efficient as 65 person is a 16-year teen.

Unless it is still much work to be done in targeting stem cells where we want them to go and want them to be.

BMT- bone marrow transplantation

Source: Eva Mezey, Sharon Key, Georgia Vogelsang, Ildiko Szalayova, G. David Lange, and Barbara Crain; Transplanted bone marrow generates new neurons in human brains. PNAS, February 4, 2003, vol. 100, no. 3, 1364-1369.
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