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Aging-related Databases
Posted on: May 12, 2011

The collection of large datasets is a prerequisite to build networks and several databases have been created to store them. The JenAge Centre for Systems Biology of Ageing provides a list of aging-related databases with links to their websites. Listed databases contain biological data, demographic data, diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases) and metadata. Some databases storing biological data are briefly presented below.

  • Human Ageing Genomic Resources comprises two major databases:
    • GenAge is a curated database featuring genes associated with aging and longevity in model organisms, a curated database of genes potentially associated with human aging, and a list of genes tested for their association with human longevity.
    • AnAge, the animal aging and longevity database, is a database of aging in animals, featuring over 4000 species, primarily assembled as a resource for comparative and evolutionary studies of aging.
  • NetAge Database contains gene sets and microRNA-regulated protein-protein interaction networks for longevity, age-related diseases and aging-associated processes.
  • Gerontome is a web-based database server for aging-related genes and analysis integrating aging-related genes and their Gene ontology annotation data. Among the features provided by Gerontome are promoter analysis of homologous genes to study the regulation of gene expression upon aging, protein-ligand docking analysis and protein-protein interaction analysis.
  • Sageweb gathers information relevant to biogerontologists and provides links to several age-related databases:
  • MitoInteractome Database that gather data on interactions in the mitochondrial proteome has been used to construct a network for the aging process in humans and to identify interactions that influence this process, since mitochondria is a major source of cellular reactive oxygen species that accumulate during aging,
  • AgingDB database stores information on the biomolecules which are modulated during aging and by caloric restriction.
  • CR-agingKB is a knowledgebase containing data on caloric restriction and nutritional aspects of aging.
  • Leaf Senescence Database provides information of senescence-associated genes and is the most comprehensive plant senescence-related database.
Source: Peysselon F, Ricard-Blum S. Understanding the biology of aging with interaction networks. Maturitas (2011), doi:10.1016/j.maturitas.2011.03.013
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